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Check out these two entries from "Lost Ypsilanti," a program highlighting Ypsilanti structures that have been lost to time. Scroll below to take a look at our other downloadable content and online resources.

the malt house

By Marcia Phillips
At the beginning of the Twentieth Century it was the tallest structure on the city's northeast side but a century later it is just a low wall. The Malt House that once stood at 111 East Forest Avenue is gone except for a small block building and partial wall on the northeast corner of Bob and Jan Anschuetz' neighboring property, and parts of the foundation buried under grass
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the starkweather fountain

The information in this article is based partly on an article written by James Mann in a series called “Footnotes in History.”
It was in 1889, when the Ypsilanti water mains were installed that Mrs. Starkweather gave a very unique fountain to the City of Ypsilanti. It was made of bronze and sat on a granite foundation with a height of 12 ¼ feet above the curb.
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